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Our solutions

Our solutions are inspired by the innovative application of design and technology. We enable business owners and employees to concentrate on their business goals.

To provide a seamless experience, both for your employees and your customers, We got the expertise to:
  • Integrate your existing systems, applications and technology.
  • Create complete new systems or applications.
  • Create new customized Content Management System.
  • Optimize and fine tuning your exististing systems and applications
  • Maintain and repair your hardware, software and websites.
  • E-business and IT consultancy services
We have ready-made CMS sytems that can be edited to suit your needs. We gurantee that our sytems can be administered or managed by most people who have basic IT knowledge.

Solutionia is a right place to find solutions for communications, network, hardware, software, present and future planning which are reliable and scaleable.

Featured Product

Brand HP
Model DC7600
Processor Intel P4, 2.8 GHz
RAM 1024 MB
Operating System Ubuntu Desktop/Server
Also, we offer other Linux installation with no extra cost

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